bradjoettejohnstevemoonLuna Overdrive are musicians with a long history of fun performances.


Shauna McCoy: Vocals, and keyboard.
Shauna is a Sony recording artist on Totally Pokeman, music from the TV series.  Shauna also performs with Espresso on Maui.



John Gerry

John Gerry: Vocals and Bass Guitar.
John started singing with the family around the piano at a young age. His older brother picked up the guitar, so John grabbed a bass. John also plays with Hot Apple Pie.  John loves gardening, surfing, windsurfing, and kiting on Maui.



Steve Somers: Guitar and vocals.
Steve is an accomplished guitar player and guitar teacher. Steve also enjoys playing with Hot Apple Pie and Natalie Nicole.  Steve loves the ocean and windsurfing.  Steve played in a number of bands in the San Francisco area before moving to Maui 20 years ago.




Josh Greenbaum: Drums and Vocals.
Excitement and Josh!  Josh has played professionally since he was 16.  Josh also plays guitar and bass and is a phenomenal singer!




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